Planet Modulor

Visual Identity, brand development, flyer series, website

Planet Modulor in the Aufbau Haus is an association of small and medium sized companies from fields as various as merchandising, manual crafts, design, art and culture. It is located at Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg and works as a creative centre providing a quality-based alternative to purely consumerism-oriented shopping.

Around 25 companies have formed the Planet Modulor association. Together they inhabit an 11,000 sq. meter space. Planet Modulor includes workshops for laser cutting, milling, wood, textiles, synthetics and metal; manufacturers of mosaics, wall papers, interior furnishings; model making, goldsmith and studios; photographers and labs, a printing business, bookstore, cafés and restaurant as well as a kindergarten on the roof—just to name a few.

BANK™ is located in the Aufbau Haus, is a member of Planet Modulor and developed the new brand identity.