The Art of Conversation The Art of Conversation

Cultural exchange project, realised for Skype
Exhibitions in London and Berlin

Concept, project management, curation, visual identity, exhibition design, website, posters, catalogue, flyers

In 2010 BANK™ conceived, curated and designed the design exhibition ‘The Art of Conver­sation: London—Berlin’ together with London based Inventory Studio. The exhibition, shown in Berlin and in London involved 20 young and established designers and design studios from both cities. From January to March 2010 the participants, 10 London based design studios and 10 Berlin based design studios, played a visual ping pong game.

Far from being a simple showcase of each individual’s work, this is a dynamic collaborative process in which the creatives engaged with and reinterpret concepts and designs generated by their fellow designers. The exhibitions are an exemplification of the design process itself with its multiplicity of techniques, materials and cultural influences.

The Exhibitions generated a huge amount of press and public interest with articles published in Form, The Financial Times, Dazed & Confused, The Evening Standard, Design Week, Lodown and Blueprint etc. as well as features in more than 50 design and art blogs worldwide.