Members Only: Secret Societies
— Stockholm 2015 Members Only: Secret Societies
— Stockholm 2015

Invent a Secret Society.
Make it part of your life. Be it. Serve it.

We’ve had five students groups and each of them came up with everything concerning their secret society: history, ideology, importance, influence, identity and pecularity, activity, baptism and initiation, rituals and ceremonies, hierarchy, charter/statute and rules, written publication, logo/crest, member’s card, codes, passwords, symbols, mythology and objects.

Quite creepy initiation rituals for new members on the last workshop day...

Participants: Ludwig Mattsson, Frans Wiklund, Ints Ivanovskis, Sofie Hammers, Anton Winberg, Erland Jacobsen, Jonas Ytterström, Nathalie Sobin, Fredrik Blidborg, Stina-Marie Olsson, Carl Herner, Mattias Green, Amanda Frykberg, Simon Eriksson, Sebastián Vásquez Nilsson, Arvid Stenersjö, Max Andersson, Vetus Mathias Koskinen