Well, it doesn’t always need to be a week long workshop. We also conduct one day workshops as well as guiding our students through their two year master studies.

As a real Bank we invest our knowledge and expertise. That is why we teach. We run design workshops in China, Germany, France and Sweden; teach typography and editorial design at UdK Berlin, design academy berlin, and teach creative processes at ESAAT College of Art, Design and Textiles in Roubaix (master class).

Teaching gives us new perspectives. It questions our own opinions and sharpens our own views.

Time — Arts University Bournemouth 2016
Berlin Fake Sites — Kingston University @ BANK™ 2017
Typography 2016 — ESAAT Roubaix
My Own City Guide — Stockholm 2016
Secret Societies: A Game — Stockholm 2016
Creative Processes — Stockholm 2012
Members Only: Secret Societies — Stockholm 2015
The Future of Learning — design academy berlin
UN/READ UN/REAL — Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Kiel
Typography 2012 — ESAAT Roubaix
Typography 2014 — ESAAT Roubaix
Newspaper New — design academy berlin
Typography 2015 — ESAAT Roubaix
Turning a Newspaper Into an Art Piece — China
Creative Processes — ESAAT Roubaix
UN/READ UN/REAL — Stockholm 2014
Start a Music Band — Stockholm 2010
Fool Your Brain — China
My Own City Guide — UdK Berlin
Movement — Stockholm 2011
Typography 2013 — ESAAT Roubaix
Illusion — Stockholm 2009
Boxed — HfK Bremen
Editorial Design — ESAAT Roubaix
The Brief — Stockholm 2013